How To Use Sea Moss

You can get your daily dose of sea moss in a variety of ways. From smoothies and cooking to skin and hair care. Sea moss is composed of 92 minerals out of 102 which the body is composed of. It contains important minerals such as potassium, iron, iodine, phosphates, bromides, magnesium, calcium & zinc. Take a look at the different ways sea moss can be used.

Smoothies, Teas and Cooking

Strengthens the immune system, boosts cellular repair, wonder as a pre/post-workout as it aids in muscle recovery. Aids in quick digestion. Sea moss is loaded with fiber making it a mild and useful laxative. Adds 92 minerals to any dish. Sea moss gel can be used to thicken stews, soups, broths and gravies. It can also be used to thicken raw vegan desserts.

Skin and Hair Care

Not just a super food, Sea moss is known to nourish and protect the skin as well. It prevents signs of aging and tightens skin promoting collagen production. It also remineralizes the hair and detoxifies the scalp. Strengthens hair, softens and defines texture and aids in hair manageability.