Elderberry Syrup (consistency of cough syrup, not actual syrup)

Elderberry Syrup (consistency of cough syrup, not actual syrup)

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IMMUNE STRENGTHENING HERB  (consistency of cough syrup, not actual syrup)
Elderberry, also known as black elder, is a wildly grown flowering plant in many parts of the world. Traditionally, the flowers and leaves have been used for pain relief, swelling, inflammation, and to induce sweating. While the dried berries are made into a syrup to treat influenza, infections, headaches, and nerve pain. The berries are rich in minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants in the form phenolic acids, flavonols, and anthocyanins.

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhance the immune function by boosting the production of cytokines
  • Help relieve nasal congestion 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Potent Anti-Cancer
  • Natural Support of Arthritis
  • High in Vitamin A, B, C and potassium
  • Respiratory Aid 
  • Anti-viral

Oh AND the taste is yummy! We use Blue Agave (more diabetic and infant friendly) to sweeten.

Take 1 tablespoon daily for immune builder or 1 to 2 teaspoons every 3 to 4 hours when you have the sniffles.