IrishMoss with Elderberry

IrishMoss with Elderberry

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Benefits of Elderberry

  • Major Cold and Flu Relief 
  • Sinus Infection Aid
  • Lower Blood Sugar 
  • Natural Diuretic 
  • Natural Laxative  
  • Encourage Healthy Skin 
  • Improves Heart Health
  • May Prevent Cancers 
  • Respiratory System Aid
  • Ease Allergies 


  • From the northern Atlantic very cold waters (not Caribbean)
  • It is native to the Irish coast, is the species that kept the Irish alive during the potato famine, that's why it's known as Irish Sea moss. Dr. Sebi spoke on this.
  • Grows on rock on shoreline not coral (no divers needed!)
  • It is very thin like paper and expands but does not thicken when soaked (fake Sea moss is thick)
  • It is not gold or purple, it is many colors in the same batch. Farmed Sea moss will be only one color.
  • It should look like a carnation flower with curled edges not stringy like spaghetti (that's a different species of seamoss).

Size: 16 oz