IrishMoss with Chlorella Spirulina
IrishMoss with Chlorella Spirulina
IrishMoss with Chlorella Spirulina
IrishMoss with Chlorella Spirulina

IrishMoss with Chlorella Spirulina

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Combining both Chlorella and Spirulina offers your body a diverse range of minerals and nutrients and all of your essential Amino Acids.

Chlorella Benefits

Detoxifier: Chlorella can be used to help detoxify your body from heavy metals, radiation and chemotherapy.

Look Younger: Have you ever thought about buying something to make yourself look younger? Is it safe to say you didn’t have Chlorella in your mind if you ever thought about buying something that could help you look younger? Maybe you should have, because Chlorella can help you look younger. It reduces oxidative stress and increases your levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and glutathione, which helps to protect your cells. In turn, your skin looks healthier and younger.

Lose Weight: We all want to lose weight at some point, unless you’re one of the lucky few who has never had any sort of weight issue. Chlorella helps you lose weight by improving your metabolism.

Strengthens Immunity: Most human bodies produce cancer cells. Chlorella helps to beat cancer by removing heavy metals and toxins from your body, increasing the action of T cells which assist in fighting abnormal cells and by strengthening your immune system.

Manages Cholesterol: If you have diabetes, Chlorella can be especially helpful, although it can be very helpful even if you don’t have diabetes. Chlorella helps to lower your cholesterol and blood sugar.


Spirulina Benefits

Detoxifier: An effective detoxifier. Spirulina can actually treat arsenic poisoning.

Vitamins & Minerals: Great source of B vitamins, B12 vitamins, iodine, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium.

Manages Cholesterol: You can exercise to manage your cholesterol, but as you know, you should eat properly as well. Furthermore, Spirulina can help you lower your cholesterol.

Knocks Out Allergies: Allergies are highly common. Spirulina can help knock out allergies as it helps to stop the release of histamine (the main cause for allergies). Yes, that also means Spirulina can help with nasal congestion, sneezing, itching, etc.

Full of Protein: It’s full of protein. Spirulina contains a substantial amount of amino acids and 50 to 70% of its weight is protein.

Lowers Blood Pressure: Assuming you want to lower your blood pressure, Spirulina can help you there too.

Fights Cancer: It can help fight cancer by preventing tumors; Spirulina has often been known to effectively fight oral cancer.

Spirulina and Chlorella have some of the same benefits as well as different benefits. All of their benefits are quite awesome though when it comes to improving your health.


This is a match made in Health Heaven!

Size: 16 oz